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We are truly blessed to call this beautiful and fertile valley our home.  We're both Pioneer Valley natives and we are continuously amazed by the nature that surrounds us and by the creativity of our friends and neighbors.  

to celebrate both the beauty and that creativity, we've created the VALLEY SHOWCASE; an entire line of scents and products dedicated to honor and display some of the amazing scents and companies  from right here in our neighborhood. 

to date, we've enjoyed partnerships with esselon coffee roasters (Hadley), steve's sugar shack (westhampton) and red barn honey Co. (Northampton).

We're looking forward to expanding on this product line with the addition of local organic dried lavender flowers, local craft beer and utilizing more local and fresh produce.

To learn more about Esselon's commitment to artisanal, small batch, direct & fair trade coffee please visit them at:

to learn more about steve's sugar shack's long-running passion for maple syrup and a delicious breakfast restaurant, please visit them at:

to learn more about red barn honey co.'s sustainable "bee first" approach, please visit them at :

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